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Grass Installation: Instant Turf and Seeded Grass

instant turf and seeded grass

A garden with lush green grass is the dream of many homeowners in Cyprus. Nowadays, there are different ways to install grass. Of course, there is the choice between artificial and natural grass but whatever you choose you still must make more choices. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of instant turf and seeded grass to help you make an informed decision.

Seeded Grass

Seeded grass is the traditional method of growing a lawn. In general, it requires more maintenance, attention, and monitoring during the first stages of growth when the grass seeds are sowed, watered, and taken care of so that the grass successfully grows. This can take months and the seeded grass is also less consistent in appearance than instant turf, as it may result in unevenness and patchiness.

Seeded grass is cheaper compared to instant turf, and it is also more resistant to diseases and pests which can also save you more money on treatments and remedies.

instant turf and seeded grass

Instant Turf

Instant turf is the way to get natural grass instantly or within weeks. You do not need to wait for the grass to grow and spend time and energy maintaining it until it grows. Instant turf also provides weed control and a more consistent appearance than seeded grass. This is because the turf is dense, not allowing weed to grow, therefore offering a nice and even look.

However, instant turf is more expensive than seeded grass due to the cultivation process, transportation of mature sod and, of course, the option to have lush green grass instantly. Additionally, instant turf is less resistant to diseases and pests than seeded grass because it is grown off-site and transplanted, making it more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Installation Process

In terms of installation, seeded grass takes longer than instant turf. It requires more preparation and maintenance in the beginning during the germination period while instant turf is already grown and ready to be installed.

All in all, if you want to install natural grass in Cyprus, you need to consider your options carefully before deciding. Both seeded grass and instant turf have some benefits and drawbacks, but you need to consult with a professional gardening company in Cyprus and find what is best for you and more suitable for your needs.